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Practical Info

Important details for the day of your exam


Google Maps Directions

Q-Park, Adelgade 5, Book here

Parking-garage just 4 minutes walk from our exam-center:

And please arrive in good time, minimum 30 minutes before the scheduled time.


Please bring 2 types of ID:

  -  One ID must contain photo and signature.

  -  Note that ID's must be valid and not expired.

  -  Digital ID's are not accepted!

We will keep one ID for the duration of the exam.

You will be recorded by CCTV.


Depending on the exam, we may:

Take a photo of you.

Scan you finger or palm.

And there's some documents to read and sign.


You will be assigned a personal locker for your belongings.

You are not allowed to bring anything into the exam room!

No jewelry, watches, coffee or anything.

Water is ok - but only in a transparent bottle without print.

Phones must be turned off, not just silenced or in flight-mode.

Your will be required to show that your pockets are empty.

And you will be scanned electronically.

During the

Our Proctors will monitor you on CCTV, and now and again do a walk-through.

Some exams let you have scratch paper for notes.

If you need more paper, wave the paper in the air and we will exchange the paper for a new one.

Wave your hand for breaks and any issues that may arise.

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